As I’ve been saying for months….

The American middle class had great health care before ObamaCare.  Normal people could go to places like MGH, the Mayo Clinic, or Anderson for treatment; however, only the super-wealthy in other nations are able to seek that quality of care.  (Basically, unless they can afford to fly to Boston and pay out of pocket, they couldn’t get MGH level care.)

Instapundit just linked to a study showing that ObamaCare plans are preventing Americans from accessing top-notch hospitals.  In order to save money, insurers are simply not covering the very best care:

The article goes on to list every insurance company that offers plans in the Washington exchange as well as the hospitals that are in-network for those companies. Pivoting off of that list, Steve Roth points out that two of Washington’s biggest insurers—Primera and Lifewise—don’t have any of the state’s four top specialty hospitals in their networks. If you want the best cancer, trauma, ER, or pediatric care, and your plan is with one of the two biggest carriers in your state, you’re out of luck.

Please note that we have not merely changed who can access the highest quality care; we have prevented huge swaths of the population from being able to go to the best hospitals.

As I often point out, only the super-rich are able to thrive under a system of heavy government regulation: they can afford to pay twice or bribe politicians to write special exemptions for them.  (Harry Reid, please call your office.) The rest of us are screwed.


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