Winners: Detroit Unions. Losers: Linda Szugyi and families like hers

Da Tech Guy promoted Linda Szugyi’s blog post about the proposed cuts to military pensions in the Ryan-Murray budget deal.  She does an outstanding job of explaining why early military retirement is a necessity, not a civil-service luxury. (Hey, peeps: let’s not confuse a paper-pushing bureaucrat with a military family, okay?)

In her post, Szugyi opines that there is another place to save $7 billion [over ten years]. Unfortunately, one option for saving money is already gone: taxpayers lost $10.5 billion on the GM bail-out.

The money that taxpayers lost on General Motors could have paid for about fifteen years of military pension benefits.  Just so everyone is clear, Washington finds it more important to bail out union workers at car companies than to uphold its promises to the members of our military who risk their lives for us and their families.



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3 responses to “Winners: Detroit Unions. Losers: Linda Szugyi and families like hers

  1. Thank you for the link and your commentary. You made a really great comparison, and I really appreciate it.

    The thing that might not be apparent by my post, is how much I hate having to make an argument against a budget cut. And how much I hate sounding like a piglet squealing at the prospect of the teat running dry.

    But that’s what Congress does–they go for the most unfair budget cut possible, for a couple of reasons. First, because most of the ones behind military cuts are Dems, and they know the military generally doesn’t vote Dem. So it’s a painless cut as far as they are concerned.

    Which is where Ryan’s support really mystifies me.

    Second, there really is a lot of wasteful spending in Defense that should be cut.

    Third, it is all a game to see what they can get away with.

    My best to you,

    • bridget


      Thank you for your thoughtful reply. You did a wonderful job of explaining how military families really suffer in ways that other government workers do not, and how the constant moves really affect a career.

      I will also add that the government goes for the most painful cuts precisely because that ensures that their pet projects are safe. Thomas Sowell has given his students a hypothetical choice between cutting a fire station budget and cutting a budget for a pet project; they all say to cut the fire station, because then funding for both will exist.

  2. Reblogged this on NoOneOfAnyImport and commented:
    My latest post at Da Tech Guy is commented upon very astutely by a blogger Who Gets It. Unions: worth the money. Military Retirees: not so much.

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