“Just Take the Bus”

The other day, while I was on the phone with Mr. Velociraptor, I read an online plea for legal help. The gist of it was that this poor sop had a pile of misdemeanour and felony charges, a bench warrant, and a few convictions. At the end, the question was “Am I able to board an airplane?”.

I cracked up and read the question to Mr. Velociraptor.  We discussed whether TSA had integrated its pre-flight check with local law enforcement databases and agreed that it was unlikely that the guy could get out of the country (probably having had his passport pulled or an application for such denied).

Mr. Veliciraptor then said, “Just tell the guy to take the bus.”

Three years of a T20 law school, Latin honours, and a hundred thousand dollars of tuition money separates us, and he gets the right answer.


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