Musings on Pajama Boy

Presumably, you’ve all seen the terrifically horrible ad put out by President Barack Obama to encourage people to enroll in ObamaCare:

This tweet has been the subject of Photoshops, scorn, and retaliatory scorn by leftists who can’t understand why conservatives are so repulsed by Pajama Boy.

Let me explain something to you all. By the time my dad was Pajama Boy’s age, he had primary custody my sister and me, a house, and a job. He spent Christmas Eve preparing stockings for us, assembling our toys, and putting reindeer bite marks in the carrots that we left out. He didn’t lounge around in his PJs, waiting for his parents to wait on him hand and foot.

Pajama Boy is in the prime of his life – healthy, presumably in possession of a college degree, and at the age wherein he should be taking care of other people. That might mean having his own kids and hosting his aging parents for Christmas, or it might mean bringing an entree and a bottle of wine to the meal. It doesn’t mean acting like an inept child.

Basic social cooperation here: the strongest, most able people should spend the prime years of their lives helping out other people, not loafing around in their PJs. We help out those younger than us, so that the next generation exists and thrives; we help out those older than us and model that caretaking behaviour for the young people. (This is good for us when we are old and frail.)

There is something fundamentally revolting about seeing a strong, healthy, educated young man expecting to be coddled. It’s not a phobia or that “conservatives are in need of a cuddle;” it’s a bedrock principle of society.


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