Compare and Contrast – Treatment of Employees and their Families

In July of 1996, the 14-year-old daughter of a Bain Capital employee went missing. Mitt Romney took an entire team down to New York and personally helped to comb the city for her. (Even Politifact admits that this is true.) Bain Capital had invested in Duane Reade; the Bain team had DR employees put a flyer about the missing girl in every shopper’s bag.The Boston Bain office functionally shut down during the search; fifty employees scoured the streets of Manhattan looking for the girl.

Now another company is in a similar situation: sixteen-year-old Caleb Jacoby, son of the Boston Globe’s star columnist Jeff Jacoby, has been missing since Monday.  Here is the MassLive story; the Cleveland Jewish News; Wicked Local Brookline; and the local CBS website. As of the writing of this blog post, almost 48 hours after Caleb went missing, the Boston Globe has not written about this story nor has tweeted about it.

What Mitt Romney did was extraordinary and shows incredible character; while we cannot expect that every company will act in a similar manner, a newspaper is in a unique position to bring attention to the plight of a missing child. It’s job is news, after all.

When Da TechGuy talked about the Boston Globe keeping its liberal purity and not being like those Romney conservatives, I doubt he meant that the paper wouldn’t even throw out a mere tweet to help find a columnist’s missing son. But that is what has happened.

Too bad Mitt Romney didn’t buy the Globe; the full weight of the newspaper would have been behind finding Caleb.

Update: at 11:16 am, the Boston Globe tweeted about Caleb’s disappearance.



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