Target to drop health insurance for part time workers

We told you so, version 8,192: because of ObamaCare’s mandates and costs, Target is dropping health insurance for its part-time workers.

Only about 10% of Target’s part-time workers have enrolled in the company’s health care plan, but Target employs 365,000 people in total.  It is not clear how many of those employees are part time (the company would not say), but it stands to reason that over ten thousand people will lose their health insurance coverage as a result of this move.

Unfortunately for them, if Target had continued to offer health care coverage, it could have made the employees ineligible for insurance on the ObamaCare exchanges. Target plans to offer employees $500 per year to purchase health care insurance on the exchanges.

This is what we warned you about, kids. Whether by accident or design, ObamaCare was was written in such a way as to destroy the individual and employer health insurance markets.


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