Why it’s fun to mock Wendy Davis

For those living under a rock, Wendy Davis, the Escada-coat wearing champion of unrestricted abortion on demand, has some issues with her version of her life story.  Some people are fixating on the lies (e.g. at what age she divorced), some on how she’s a perfect hero for liberalism, and others (like the fabulous Ann Coulter) on how she’s giving gold-digging skanks a bad name.

Briefly, Wendy Davis claims to have had a hard-luck life, but, by sheer pluck, became a graduate of Harvard Law School. In reality, her father was a small business owner and her stint as a “single mother” came to a quick, lovely end when she married a rich older lawyer. Jeff Davis financed Wendy’s high-class life: he put her daughter by a previous marriage through an expensive private school, moved the family to a rich section of town, paid her way through private college and then Harvard Law, and raised her daughters (hers and the one they had together) while she pursued an Ivy League law degree 1,500 miles away. The day after Jeff Davis cashed out his 401k to pay off her student loan, Wendy divorced him.

(See what I mean about giving gold-digging skanks a bad name?)

Stacy McCain finds it worthwhile to keep this story on the front pages: it forces modern “feminists” to either defend Davis’ objectively atrocious actions or abandon her.

I find it appropriate to mock Davis for an entirely different reason: she’s no Sarah Palin.

Wendy Davis claims to have paid her way through college with scholarships and hard work; in reality, a rich older lawyer paid the bills. Sarah Palin actually paid her way through college with scholarships (one of which was from a beauty pageant) and hard work (i.e. summers and some semesters out on a fishing boat).

Wendy claims to be a tough, independent woman who raised kids while building her political career. In reality, she dumped them on her husband. Sarah Palin raised four kids while building her political career; her husband, Todd, spent weeks away from the family on the North Slope.  Her fifth child, Trig, was born while she was in the Governor’s office.

Sarah Barracuda didn’t dump Trig on her husband; she handled a special needs child, four other kids, and the Governorship. Meanwhile, Wendy dumped both of her daughters (then almost-grown women) on her husband while in a low-level county job.

Does anyone have any questions as to why the Left hates Sarah? She’s what they are trying to be and just aren’t.


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