Just Call Me Cassandra

Obviously, one would have needed to be psychic to predict all of the bad news coming from ObamaCare.  This morning, Instapundit has two new ObamaCare stories: the Congressional Budget Office released a report that ObamaCare will kill the economy and increase the deficit. (The Blogfather’s story, here.)  The CBO also said that between 6 million and 7 million people will lose their employer-based health insurance every year.

Then there’s reports out of California about people who have health insurance but can’t access doctors and oncologists.  Again, who would have seen this except for psychics, tea leaf readers, and kooks like the Tea Party?

Sarcasm aside, let’s break this down.

Costs of ObamaCare: Back in 2009 and 2010, the CBO fulfilled its duties to score ObamaCare over the next ten years, using the assumptions given to it by Congress.  With ten years of income and only six years of expenditures, plus absurd assumptions about who would sign up for the risk pools and the effect of all this on the economy, ObamaCare was scored as being “budget neutral.”  The problem should be obvious to anyone who does their own household budget with a month’s worth of income and a month’s worth of expenditures, not ten months of income and six months of spending.  (The laws governing the CBO forbid it from scoring bills beyond ten years from the present.)

We are now seeing the effects of this: from 2010 to 2020, there were only six years of expenditures; however, from 2014 to 2024, there are ten years of expenditures.  That’s a 66 and 2/3% increase in expenses, right there.   Of course this would no longer be budget-neutral after 2010.

If you want a discussion of the other issues that the CBO brought up, just click on the “ObamaCare” tag over on the right.

Access to physicians: Again, this one didn’t take an economist or a public policy analyst, just some common sense.  The only economics I learned was in engineering school, and it was enough to show me this would happen.

“Insurance” or a “human right” to something is fundamentally different from actually getting that something.  We could force everyone to buy insurance to cover a cure for lupus and AIDS, and declare those cures to be human rights; the result would be that 0% of Americans would be cured of those diseases.

I’ve long said that there is no human right to health care unless you plan on enslaving doctors.  Unless you can force people to practise medicine, they can always not practise, refuse to accept the insurance offered to them, or be so overwhelmed with patients that they are unable to properly care for people.  That is exactly what is happening.


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