Wellesley Students Beclown Themselves

As part of an art exhibit at Wellesley, Tony Matelli put up a realistic-looking statute of a sleepwalking man in his tighty-whities.  Said statue is outside, right near one of the main roads that runs through campus.  (It is not on 16 or 135, the roads that abut campus.)  Here’s the statue:


That is possibly the least attractive somnuambulist in the history of the world, but Wellesley College students beclowned themselves when they described it as “triggering,” or putting women in fear of being raped.  The outraged students circulated a petition demanding its removal.

It’s enough for me to want to drive down the road and give the young women of Wellesley College lessons in liberal feminist activism.

Yes, young women, the administration asked you nicely to not put clothes on Sleepwalker.  That’s nice.  Put clothes on him – the more outrageous, the better. (One of my friends suggested a copy of Hustler magazine in one hand, a fake pistol in the other, and a cigarette for his mouth.  I would love to see a bra, miniskirt, Jackie O sunglasses, and a trench coat.)  If the administration removes his clothes, demand that the clothes be given to an on-campus charity group for distribution to the homeless – “Those unfortunate individuals in our society who truly do not have any clothes to wear in the winter snow.”  If the administration persists, ask them if they are against a charity clothing drive in one of the middle of the coldest winters on record.

If the administration posts a guard near the statue, bring along friends and a video camera when you put clothes on it.  Then proceed to dress it, and ask the guard/school officials, on camera, if they intend to bring disciplinary procedures against you for doing it. Ask, on camera, if they intend to physically stop you from putting clothes on him.  Guard him and his new wardrobe between classes.

But whatever you do, don’t “circulate a petition” to ask if the statue can be removed: you’re college students who allegedly went to Wellesley to learn how to run the world, not meek fifth-graders who are shyly raising their hands in class.



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