Online Dating: fun, if you’re a masochist

I can hear it now: bridget, didn’t you meet Mr. Velociraptor on eHarm? How can you say such things about online dating when you met a man even your cat loves?

Becca After Six made the mistake of emailing a few of us to ask if she should try online dating again.  Hell, no.

I’ve been on blind dates with friends-of-friends (and even with a man my mother met on a wine and history tour). They’ve all been nice people with whom I had a nice time, even if things didn’t work because of a lack of chemistry or a residence in the same time zone.

But online dating? What those “eHarmony couples who are married!” commercials don’t show you are the weirdos who ask you questions like “When you finally get into the bedroom, are you a wild tiger or just an uptight mathematician?” (One of my friends said, “You should have told him that you’re an uptight tiger.”)

Or the guy who claims to be an inch taller than you but barely comes up to your nose – who then lies to your face [or your collarbone] about his height.

Or the guy that you google, only to find his gay sex website and his HIV status: unknown.

Or the person whom you don’t even bother responding to, because his profile picture is him with shaving cream devil horns and a bomb strapped to his chest.

Then there’s the men whose pictures are all at least ten years old.

Once you finally find someone decent, you feel like Katniss at the end of the Hunger Games: surveying the wreckage around you and wondering why it had to be that way.


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