Snow Day Smorgasbord

A few things from ’round the web that I’ve been reading while in my jammies and petting the cat:

Michael Graham tears into the FCC for their “investigations” into how broadcast journalists decide which stories to report on. (It helps to know that the FCC has the power to shut down stations.)  If you have a true sociological interest in finding out how journalists make decisions, then send out a couple of graduate students to do research; don’t have it funded and conducted by a regulatory agency with the power to kill the business.

Speaking of regulatory excess, Congress is attempting to oversee the “black budget” that funds spy agencies. Pointing out the obvious: if Congress has no idea what the budgets for administrative agencies are, the constitutional shark has been jumped.

As part of ObamaCare’s health initiatives, Planet Fitness is forced to levy a tax on “Black Card” holders.  This is because the Black Card includes use of the tanning beds, and tanning is now taxable – even when it comes as part of an inexpensive, relatively high-quality gym membership.

Another Day, Another Illegal ObamaCare Delay. At least in a duly-passed law, you can figure out how it interacts with portions of other duly-passed laws.

Jessica Valenti seems to think that “women’s conferences” must include pro- abortion discussions.  Hey, maybe women are being paid less than men because men can do networking and business panels without talking about their sex lives.




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