Wisdom in blog comments

Patterico writes searingly about the Obama Administration’s requirement that small businesses certify that they have not laid off any employees in order to be eligible for government goodies. Meanwhile, over at the National Review, Ramesh Ponnuru thrashes Linda Greenhouse’s blatant misrepresentations about the Little Sisters of the Poor case (specifically, Greenhouse’s omission of the fact that the Sisters are required by law to certify that someone else is providing contraceptives).

Read both articles: they are excellent descriptions of the unethical and unlawful paperwork that the government is forcing people to file.  But also read the blog comments.

At National Review, commenter Emily says,

As I said before, if one of my children were being pressured by a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or employer to sign a form that they were assured was pointless, although objectionable to my child, and when they refused to sign it that person or organization put enormous pressure on them to sign it (a law suit and fines are enormous pressure), I would tell them not to sign it at any cost.

Nobody pressure you to sign a pointless form, which means that you are being lied to.

Over at Patterico’s, commenter Walter Cronanty explains the purpose of the (likely illegal and unconstitutional) ‘certification’ form for the IRS:

This is meant to silence critics. Remember the stories where business owners would say: “I’m not hiring [or I’m cutting hours/laying off people] because of Obamacare.” No more such stories, or they’ll be prosecuted for perjury.
Remember the stories from various news outlets/think tanks about how many jobs were lost because of Obamacare? No more – some Obama flack will say: “We’ve got sworn statements from businesses that this did not happen!”

Food for thought, my blog-friends.


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