Short Answer: Yes

The New York Post discusses the economics of sex and asks if the price has gotten too cheap.  What it doesn’t really discuss is how sex has always been very expensive for young women, and not just in the ways of a ruined reputation.  Women are the only ones who get pregnant.  (Even if you are rabidly pro-choice and have access to free abortion, it’s still surgery. Surgery, and your partner isn’t undergoing the knife.)  STDs are more harmful to a woman’s fertility than to a man’s.  Speaking of fertility, women have a much shorter window of fertility than do men, leaving us with a shorter time in which to find someone, marry, and have kids.

In economic terms, it would be like someone doing a very dangerous job (e.g. welding, coal mining, firefighting) without the hire pay or increased benefits typically associated with such a job, or making a risky investment for the same ROI that one could get on a low-risk investment.

Generally, those who take higher risks are compensated for those risks, or they choose to not engage in the activity at all.  Only the very foolish do risky things for the same compensation as unrisky things.

Young women of the world, you’re not nearly as “empowered” as you think you are.


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