A movie star returns home

A few months ago, the crew at Atlas Shrugged III put out a call for props.  My W&L walking stick (a beautiful piece of carved rosewood with a brass topper) was accepted as a prop.  I shipped it out to Hollywood in January.

Today, I went back to UPS to arrange for a return pick-up and shipment back to me.  The man behind the counter asked for the contents of the container.  “A walking stick,” I replied.  He was a bit confused (and saw the Toluca Lake address), so I explained that it would be in a movie; the deal was that I had to pay to have it shipped.

UPS Guy: With all the money that these billionaires in Hollywood have…. They should have paid you for it.

Me: It’s not in one of the big studios.  A guy out of Medway – John something – is the CEO of Cybex and is paying out of his own pocket to have this produced.

UPS Guy: NO WAY! My dad works at Cybex!  He was telling me just the other day that the head man over there was making a movie – paying to have it done.

Me: Yes! That’s the one.

UPS Guy: Cybex.  They make great equipment. I go over to their gym in Medway; since my dad works there, his family, like his kids, get in for free.  Wow, I can’t believe this.  He told me about this just the other day.  I’m going to call him right now to tell him.



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2 responses to “A movie star returns home

  1. I love serendipitous connections like this one. It may be a small thing, but somehow makes life more purposeful. I’ll certainly have to watch closely for that cane.


  2. bridget

    Yes – it makes life seem more planned, with an unseen organisation to it.

    I put up a link to the history of th Walking Stick. Some photos are there.

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