Misplaced Priorities

Professor Glenn Reynolds writes that a proposed scheme by the DHS track license plates across America has been scrapped. (Read the whole thing.)

First, such schemes are wrong as they invert the general order of criminal law: normally, if a crime has been committed, the government will look for a perpetrator and then develop a case.  Tracking schemes start with the assumption that we are all potential perpetrators, then look for an appropriate crime to charge us with.

Second, this is a gross misallocation of our resources.  The government claims that it cannot possibly track twelve million illegal aliens, develop a coherent scheme for voter identity verification that doesn’t infringe on voting rights, or regulate administrative agencies.  Yet, it is able to develop a system to track every single one of our license plates as we, law-abiding citizens, go about our business of living. As one Insty commenter astutely noted, our resources are being used against us.


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