It’s called “Virtue”

Via Stacy McCain and the Blogfather, the story of college students who are trying to tell young men that “yes” does not always mean “yes.” It is more than mere irony that the same people promoting this twaddle are the ones promoting Sex Week and the Vagina Monologues: the latter is the basis of the problems that they are trying to solve with “enthusiastic consent.”

Once upon a time, it was considered virtuous for people to exercise some semblance of sexual restraint.  (The Catholic Church still believes that chastity is a virtue. Go figure.)  Modern-day “feminists”, with their sex weeks, sex education courses, abortion on demand, taxpayer-funded contraception, and Monologues, believe promiscuity to be a virtue.

A society that believes chastity to be a virtue is a society that implicitly supports a woman who says “no” and teaches a man to respect that “no.” A society that considers sexual pleasure to be a virtue, and self-restraint and modesty to be sins, is a society that has nothing to offer two drunk young people attempting to navigate the landscape of sexual consent.

Upon what basis is it wrong for a man to pressure, plead, and persuade, if the end result (sex) is value-neutral or even desirable for the woman’s psyche and body? You cannot rationally discuss sexual restraint on the same campus that promotes Sex Week, free contraception, abortion on demand, and the evisceration of religion and virtue.


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