Repeal, Replace, Send to Resolute Desk

As speculation has grown about the Republicans retaking the Senate this November, so has the discussion about what it would mean for Democrats.  Short answer: nothing, unless the GOP grows a set.  If that happens, however, it will be a death knell for liberalism.

The House and the Senate can repeal the “Affordable” “Care” Act and replace it with a simpler act that enables people to buy insurance across state lines, removes the employer and individual mandates, allows for a broader range of insurance products to be sold (e.g. catastrophic insurance, 80/20 plans, and those with great networks), and ends the business of having young people subsidise older people.  Of course, the IRS would not be a part of it: it would be nothing more than free-market principles on display.

They then send this Act – which would be rather popular with the people – to the Resolute Desk for a signature.  President Obama would then either have to sign in the repeal of his signature achievement or veto a very popular bill.

The added bonus? Republicans would be the party of good idea that people like, not the party of no.


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