ObamaCare costs $1.5 trillion? Quelle Surprise!

Remember how ObamaCare was “budget neutral” and would provide higher-quality insurance to more people for no extra money?

Sorry, folks: the numbers are out, and it’s going to cost us $1.5 trillion – and yes, if current trends continue, fewer people will have health insurance than before this monstrosity took effect.

In a free-market system, costs go down and access goes up: people find a way to streamline production and delivery of goods and services so that they can undercut their competition and gain market share.  That’s why it cost about ten thousand dollars a year for a car phone in 1980, but modern cell phones with Internet access are available for $50/month.

However, Moore’s law and its equivalents do not apply to socialist (or heavily government-run) systems.  In fact, the reverse happens: more money for less product.  It is, in all ways, the reverse of the free-market progress outlined above.  That, my friends, is what happened with ObamaCare.


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