The Yoga Pants Debacle

Short version: a middle school asked female students to not wear leggings or yoga pants unless they also wear a shirt that comes to “fingertip length.”  This provoked outrage among elders who claimed that such restrictions were slut-shaming, blaming women for men’s sexual thoughts, and tantamount to putting girls in burqas. (Hat tip.)

There is a fine line between asking women (and girls) to dress appropriately for the situation and implying that they must dress to avoid drawing sexual attention from men.

Absent a burqa, the latter just isn’t going to happen. Men admired women in hoop skirts, bustles, ankle-length skirts, neck-high clothing, or whatever the fashions of the day happen to be.  (Back in the day, I remember being propositioned by a bartender when wearing a khaki skirt, Ralph Lauren sweater, glasses, and ballet flats.)

But that doesn’t mean that girls and women get to wear whatever they want without repercussions.  Men intuitively understand that they should dress professionally and appropriately for the situation.  Yet women take suggestions to dress professionally as an affront to feminism.

So let’s remove the whole sexual aspect and just say this: girls of Haven Middle School, please dress like you’re in school to learn, not like you’re in yoga class.


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