April Fool’s Day, Redux

April Fool’s day typically brings all sorts of online pranks; among twenty- and thirty-somethings, the most common seem to be announcing fake engagements or pregnancies on Facebook.  (In one twist, a few women who actually are pregnant announced their actual pregnancies – the prank being that people would think they were kidding.)

Well, pregnancy/engagement announcements are for pikers: I announced my candidacy for Congress.  This was really funny right up until my friends thought it was serious, and rep-posted it, and people asked me if I needed signatures from certain towns and if they could donate to my non-existent campaign.  It probably didn’t help that I made a fake website, put up a bio and some positions on issues, and linked to a “meet the candidate” video.

You just clicked on that, didn’t you? Sorry.  Well, no, I’m not – that was funny. Admit it.  (One of my friends clicked on that and asked me if I was going to keep it up there. I told her it was what is commonly referred to as “the point” of the campaign site.  Even after getting Rick-rolled, she still thought I was serious about running.)

Hey, at least my jokes are funny, unlike those of certain people in Washington.



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