How to save money on your dry cleaning bill

Because the costs of dry cleaning have been in the news recently, I’m going to do a PSA post about how to not spend a zillion dollars getting your clothes clean.  Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

1. Buy machine-washable clothes. Clothes that say “Dry Clean Only” cannot be dry-cleaned, but many are labeled as “Dry Clean.”  The difference is that the latter can be run through the wash.  Some silk/cotton blends, polyester blends, and other fabrics can be safely laundered for years.

2. Dryel. I don’t recommend it for 100% silk, but it does wonders for unstained wools and wool blends.

3. If one dry cleaner overcharges you, find a different one.

Noticeably missing from that list: getting the President of the United States to take time away from focusing on a $17 trillion deficit, potential war with Russia, and a broken health care overhaul, for the sole purpose of focusing on your inability to run your own life.



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