In which Stacy McCain takes up for single women everywhere

It is rare to hear truth spoken (or written) so plainly, but there is no clearer explanation of why women recoil at the advances of “nice guys” than this:

Tognotti’s complaint is not that he gets zero action, but rather that he can’t get any action from girls he actually finds attractive. His problem, therefore, is that he imagines himself entitled to be with good-looking women, rather than being forced to make do with the ordinary-looking women who are actually interested in him.


When Tognotti says he will “always be a romantic,” what he means is that he will keep hanging around good-looking women who are entirely out of his range, hoping someday to fulfill his unrealistic fantasy that they will reciprocate his interest.
The problem is not their superficiality, but his.

I wish I could Mae that required reading for every teenage girl in America. No, you’re not superficial for not wanting to date a guy who only wants you because you are hot, and no, that’s not romance.


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