Valerie Baber, Call Your Office

Regular readers might recall when I snarked on Valerie Baber, hooker to the elite and wealthy, because she thinks that men are paying for her amazingly compassionate self, not her twenty-five year-old self.

I’m glad that snark is a New England thing, not a bridget thing. Consider this article from a thirty-something woman with a Ph.D. who claims that stripping is a viable, feminist, and empowering career choice (Hat tip), and this comment thereon:

I’ve got a question that I’m hoping that Claire or Josh can answer. I’m 68 and still teaching. Is there an age limit, as for professional athletes, beyond which earning a living stripping is unrealistic? If there is, what kinds of options will be available for replacing that lucrative source of income?
Betsy Smith/Adjunct Professor of ESL/Cape Cod Community College

Thank you, Prof. Smith, for joining me in the snark. Being paid for being young is not a long-term plan.


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