What’s with iced green tea these days?

I’m a green tea addict.  Love the stuff. Often buy the gallon jugs of it (with white tea and mint) from Trader Joe’s. I also really like the glass bottles of Honest Tea (especially Moroccon Mint). There is all of five grams of sugar per serving (ten grams per bottle), and the tea cleansing goodness really shines through. But if you get green tea in the plastic bottle, there are 18 grams of sugar – the tea version of Coca Cola.

Tazo is even worse, with thirty grams of sugar per bottle.  Panera’s medium iced green tea has twenty-two grams of sugar.  Obviously, there’s a market for this stuff – otherwise, it would never be sold – but it is a bit disheartening that the “Just green tea” market is better served by Dunkin Donuts (amount of sugar or sugar substitutes in iced green tea: zero grams) than by Tazo, Honest Tea, or Panera.



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