Cognitive Dissonance

Sixteen years ago, I became a vegetarian.  It was for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which was that I didn’t want all the crap that went into animals (e.g. antibiotics and hormones) going into my body when I ate meat.  These days, I mostly buy organic milk, ice cream, and eggs: if I eat the products of mistreated, hormone-ridden animals, it’s just not going to  be good for my body.

Yet when I try to explain to “feminists” why I refuse to pump my body full of artificial hormones every single day for twenty years straight, they go crazy. Stacy McCain explains how the same thing happened to Holly Grigg-Spall, who had the temerity to criticise the Pill.

Permit me to go all chemical-engineer on you for a moment: “mass in equals mass out.” If you take “the Pill,” which is artificial female hormones, you are putting artificial female hormones into your body.  The fact that this particular pharmaceutical allegedly ‘sticks it to the patriarchy’ is of no consequence to your body.

If you’re one of those earthy-crunchy hippie people who wants to decrease the amount of artificial hormones in our water supply and the hormones in your body, you are far better off chowing down on factory-farm meat and not being on the Pill than you are as a vegan who takes the Pill.  Consider that our opposition to said pharmaceutical has nothing to do with being good little slaves of the patriarchy and everything to do with wanting to do right by our bodies.


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