Jessica Valenti’s self-promoting misogyny

In a victory for women, CBS Sports now has an all-women sports TV show.  In this show, women aren’t talking about hair or nails, nor are they aren’t cute accessories to men talking about sports. They are talking sports with the same knowledge and enthusiasm that men talk sports.  In normal-people land, this is what feminism is all about.

Self-proclaimed feminist, actual misogynist, Jessica Valenti opposes this show. She writes,

“But creating separate spaces for women’s ideas and commentary isn’t equity: it’s table scraps. [….] But until we have the same number of women and people of color creating all media – as commentators, producers, writers, photographers, editors and sources – gender-specific ghettos will be a band-aid, not a solution.”

That’s a little rich coming from a woman whose degrees are in Women’s  and Gender Studies and whose work is almost exclusively in that area. If there were ever a deliberately-created female ghetto, it is that academic discipline. Women in sports commentary is revolutionary; women studying “women’s issues” is old news.

If you actually want equality, get out of Women’s Studies, get out of screaming about the need for taxpayer-funded abortion and boss-funded birth control, study economics or international relations or engineering, comment on sports with the same insight that men do, play some sports, and get out there into traditionally-male spaces. Whining about how it’s not “feminist” to have an all-women’s sports programme is just laughable – and misogynistic.


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