In the ongoing cultural war, the Right is full of doves

Recently, I saw a comment to the effect of “Matt Walsh’s blog has millions of readers, and he writes about nothing but culture.”  By “culture,” I don’t mean art and music; he writes about marriage, family, abortion, religion, and the culture wars.  An audience hungry for someone to take a stand against progressivism eats it up.

That is a lesson that even HotAir commenters miss.  In this piece about why #GamerGate matters (hat tip), many conservatives complain that gaming doesn’t matter, people should go outside and have fun, or games weren’t big in the military or whatever. (A word on #GamerGate: I asked the twitter-verse to explain #Gamergate to me in a few tweets.  I received several very polite, rational, thoughtful replies from gamer men.  For a group of angry misogynists, they sure do seem to respect everyone.)

Let me explain something to the Right: in a world wherein a person can buy a week’s worth of groceries for seven hours of minimum-wage work, leisure activities and culture matter in how our society operates. You can squawk all day about how this activity or that activity aren’t important to you and therefore don’t matter, but that will just enable the progressive Left to take over that terrain.

Sarjex on HotAir put it best:

58% of the entire American populace are not nerdboys living in Momma’s basement. The gaming demographic is HUGE. This is the next cultural battle that’s going to be waged and for the most part gamers have done well in roaring back at the Borgishness of leftie political correctness and feminism as victimism.

Can we have our side NOT 3 monkey ourselves and pretend this is cultural turf not worth defending? We ceded Hollywood. We ceded high academia. We ceded public schools. We ceded journalism. The attitude is “Well, turn off your tv, haw haw haw…” “who really needs college, yuk yuk yuk”, “well, who reads newspapers, derp de derp” … and then we gape and look around and wonder what happened to the country.


I don’t even play video games and I recognize this.

Conservatives look at Rotherdam and understand what went wrong, but then look at Gamergate and get all self-righteous about playing outside or getting out of mom’s basement.  Hello, it’s the same type of problem: ceding cultural ground means that people will change your culture in ways you don’t like.  And again, when you can buy a week’s worth of groceries for seven hours of minimum wage work (rather than working seven days a week on a farm to not starve), the culture of leisure activities plays an important role in the culture of our country.


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