Welcome to Fog of Law, a health care law and policy blog.  “Fog of law” refers to the media confusion during the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare ruling.  (See here.) Fog of Law also covers bioethics, higher education, technology, and few miscellaneous fun topics to keep the place lively.

The photo at the top is the Supreme Court shrouded in fog that I took on the morning of the McCullen v. Coakley oral arguments.

About me: I’m a Massachusetts-based conservative/libertarian lawyer, a former research & development engineer, and the spokeswoman for a 2011 campaign to repeal the state’s individual mandate.  (We weren’t successful, for a lot of reasons.)

For all you Myers-Briggs peeps, I’m an INTJ. Last but not least, I’m the caretaker of the Best Feline Ever, a drooly, affectionate tuxedo cat named Boots.

Comments are welcome but are moderated for first-time commenters.


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